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Why We Breathe…

March Madness Day 7:

There was such great success with Jon’s video, Why We Jump, which then led to the dialogue of why we do many other things. Naturally yoga was on the list. We are fortunate to come across so many amazing yogis, whether it is through previous practice, workshops, or mutual friends. Yogis that are just so willing to give and share their knowledge and experience with the world. This sense of community brought the idea of Why We Breathe to life with zero budget, just a belief that the world could use more yoga.

The yogis that were featured in the documentary were teachers that we practice with in some form. I did my teacher training with John and Chris Yax so it was easy to get them to participate. Kathryn Budig is engaged to Jon’s first skydiving instructor so a connection was made there. We then did workshops with Briohny, Dice, and Tiffany so that’s how those interviews came about. Sure there are plenty of talented yogis out there that also could have been featured in the film, but like I said there was no budget, just an idea to be shared. So as we came across them, Jon asked why? And they all shared, because they all love yoga and know how it can make the world a better place.

So how did I end up in the film then? Very reluctantly… I didn’t want to be grouped into this amazing lot of people with my comparatively limited experience. I didn’t feel I would do it justice. But that was exactly what Jon wanted. Someone that wasn’t as seasoned or involved in yoga as a career that could demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be a career in order to reap the benefits. It’s about yoga, and what it can do, not about how good the people are doing it. The fact that we were able to get such wonderful people to participate was just a bonus. So in the end, I stopped passing judgement on myself and let the camera (and consequently the whole world) in.

So we hope you enjoyed it and were able to gain some insight you may not have had previously. Perhaps even inspire you to try out a class if you don’t already practice. There’s so much more that was left out of the final cut, but it was already pushing an hour (which is a rather long web video). However, Jon will be releasing some additional bonus footage down the line so we will keep you posted. And if you haven’t seen Why We Breathe, push play now. Namaste…


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