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The last year has brought about a lot of changes that ultimately have lead me to this really big one… Moving to Salt Lake City. I’ve grown up for the most part in Florida and after a few years in North Carolina, found myself back in FL again last year. I’ve always known that I didn’t want to stay there, even in grade school, but somehow kept ending up there. College because of scholarships, then I started skydiving and FL had ideal year round conditions, then there was a guy, the list goes on… And the whole time in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to see and do more. Experience more of what this amazing planet has to offer.

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Allow me to introduce you to my friend Vega

March Madness Day 8:

Let’s face it, we can all use a quick fix from time to time. Not enough hours in your day and what usually gets sacrificed? Your diet of course. Who has time to make nutritious meals from scratch every day? Especially when it’s so easy to turn to fast food, microwave meals, ramen noodles, and cereal. Well good news, Vega has a whole line of products that you can easily incorporate into your jam-packed life without sacrificing nutrition (more on how Jon and I do that here).

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Yummy Raw Vegan Alfredo

March Madness Day 4:

Today’s Meatless Monday recipe comes to us courtesy of the lovely Kathryn Budig. She made it a few weeks ago and was raving about it so I had to give it a try. Simple, quick, healthy, and yummy… What more could you ask for?

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Conscious Box

I came across Conscious Boxes through Brendan Brazier, the founder of Vega. He was asked to curate the first Vegan Conscious Box. As I am already a fan of Vega products and the research Brendan has put into them, I was curious to see what other products he uses and trusts.

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One of the main concerns people seem to have when I tell them that Jon and I have switched to a plant-based diet is how we get enough nutrients, especially protein. First of all, meat is not the only source of protein and there are misconceptions as to just how much protein we need (go back and read Becoming an Herbivore and watch Forks Over Knives). On a wholefoods plant-based diet it is impossible to be protein deficient unless you are calorie deficient.

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Easy Recipes…

Veggie Stew:

I got a crockpot a few years ago thinking it would be perfect for my busy schedule to make meals in advance. I’ve used it less than a handful of times. So I brought it out of retirement and made a veggie stew.

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Pizza Pizza!

So what do you do when you’re craving pizza, but have made the switch to a plant-based diet? Make your own!

This was my first attempt at making my own pizza period so I was a little nervous about it, especially the dough. But it turned out to be super easy. We found a great natural foods specialty store in Melbourne called The Jungle. And it just so happens that they carry a vegan pizza dough mix, Namaste (how appropriate).

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Becoming an herbivore…

Wait what?!? Yes, you read that correctly. Herbivore. But why, you ask?… Because foods are getting modified and processed ad nauseum, as companies try to increase their profit margins, and people are getting sicker.

But it’s not so much about cutting animal products out of my diet, but rather eating clean – not processed, GMO, artificially flavored, and heavily preserved foods (this includes fruits and veggies) that dominate the shelves of grocery stores.

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