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A Taste of Purity…

When people find out I skydive – voluntarily, over and over again – they always want to know why. Well, here is my answer, beautifully shot by BackToAwake… Jonathan was asked to make a video for one of my sponsors, Velocity Sports Equipment, who make my skydiving rig, the Infinity. The Internet is inundated with skydiving videos, but very few communicate to the rest of the world why it is we do what we do. Our sport we love so much isn’t always portrayed in the best light as it’s usually the incidents that are featured on the news, rather than the accomplishments. If all I saw and heard about driving was all the accidents and fatalities, I probably wouldn’t drive either.

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The Power Of Choice

March Madness Day 19:
Guest blog post by Jonathan Pears, BackToAwake

Choice has become second nature to most people in the developed world. What to have for dinner, what car to buy, what career path to follow, we are lucky to have choices in what many across the world do not even have access to. We know by now that we are spoiled as a population, and that we have more abundance than ever before in human history. However, this abundance of choice on a daily basis hasn’t made us all gurus of picking the right path, picking the right food, but left us washed up in a world where we take the power of choice for granted….

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