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SLC, here we come!

So I have big news, we’re moving to Salt Lake CIty! Both Jon and I have been wanting to head west for awhile now, and we always thought we would head to Cali. However, last month we went to visit some friends in SLC and started to think maybe we could try it out for awhile. So it’s official, in 10 days we start our trek across the country.

Why SLC you ask? Well the scenery is gorgeous for one, mountains all around. And with the mountains come lots of activities – snow sports in the winter, mountain biking, hiking, camping, etc. There’s also a much healthier and active community there – I was blown away by the number of vegan restaurants and cafes. The photo above is from City Cakes & Cafe, hard to believe those are all vegan right? It will also be nice to practice and teach regularly at a yoga studio again for a change.

Everyone that we know that’s ever been to Utah is jealous and raves about how we’re going to love it there. I’m really excited for the change of scene, and who knows what new adventures and opportunities await us!



  1. kelly

    Sorry that I couldn’t send you off!!! I know I’ll see you again some day. Xoxo

    • Delicious Ambition

      No worries. We’ll def keep in touch. Just means you have to come out for a visit. ;)