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Schools Kill Creativity

March Madness Day 28:

This is one of my favorite TED Talks. However, it doesn’t just stop at schools. So many kids are immersed in technology and devices at such an early age. I don’t have anything against technology, but what happened to just being a kid? Running around outside, racing bikes like you’re a Formula One driver, and pretending you’re exploring a faraway land in your backyard has been traded in for “interactive” games on a tablet. What happened to figuring out how to build things with your own hands? A bow and arrow made from a stick and a piece of string? Who knows how much a child’s future is shaped or stifled based on those early experiences. This TED Talk also resonates so much with me because I love the show CATS. I used to listen to the soundtrack over and over, singing and dancing along. So I can’t imagine if that had never been created. How many other wonderful things do we enjoy thanks to these creative geniuses? And how many more can we hope to have if creativity is not encouraged and fostered? Makes you wonder…