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Hi, my name is Angela. I’m a skydiving yogi, daydreaming foodie that is prone to hitting my head and walking into things. I believe in doing things that make you happy right now and not years from now. I believe pet snuggles make everything better. I get very excited about fruit tarts and fresh warm doughy bread. I believe anything is possible, but it is the little things that make life so incredibly special.

Delicious Ambition evolved from a simple blog to journal and reflect from time to time, to a space for sharing, learning, and growth. I’m always searching and gathering information on how to evolve and become better – a better skydiver, a better yogi, a better friend… Basically a better human being – to myself, to those around me, and even Mother Nature.

Recently I’ve been focusing a lot on my wellness journey. Eating clean, living green, and really taking control of what I expose my body to. I’ve learned a great deal and hope some of that knowledge can help you too. Delicious Ambition is a forum where you can find inspiration, recipes, yoga tips, and other resources to help guide your delicious adventures. If there are specific topics or issues you would like to hear more about, please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Delicious Ambition. Now go out and Live Deliciously!

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