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The last year has brought about a lot of changes that ultimately have lead me to this really big one… Moving to Salt Lake City. I’ve grown up for the most part in Florida and after a few years in North Carolina, found myself back in FL again last year. I’ve always known that I didn’t want to stay there, even in grade school, but somehow kept ending up there. College because of scholarships, then I started skydiving and FL had ideal year round conditions, then there was a guy, the list goes on… And the whole time in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to see and do more. Experience more of what this amazing planet has to offer.

Being born in Hawaii and then moving to Louisiana and Florida, I never really experienced seasons. I didn’t even properly see snow until a few years ago. So what was my problem?… Flat out, change is hard. Even when we really really want it. Even when we know it’s what’s best for us. It’s much easier and much less scary to stick with what you know or make small changes that still offer some familiarity. This applies to everything – relationships (you know you’ve stayed with someone or many someones waaaay longer than you ever should have), work (do you really like your job or is it safe?), even with little things like always ordering the same dish at a restaurant. Humans are creatures of habit, as time goes by, it doesn’t even get noticed that your life is now just a routine you follow rather than actively living and participating in the creation of it.

So here’s what it took for me to finally say enough already, it’s time for some big ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Beginning of 2012 I’m living in the middle of nowhere NC for work and tunnel flying/training, but it’s obvious that my time there is up. A friend/teammate and I start looking at moving to Atlanta because it will be close to where we’re jumping, but nothing there feels quite right either. It’s not a place that I feel drawn to. I meet Jonathan around this time as well, and we have a dialogue going, but haven’t actually spent any proper time together yet. He ends up coming up to NC to visit and I visit him in FL shortly after. We are inseparable from that point on. Since I was itching to get out of NC anyways, I move back down to FL to be with my lobster. Our home in FL is more of just a place to store our belongings, we’re traveling a bunch, but even when we’re home it doesn’t really feel like home. Something’s still missing. We have a one year lease, and at the end of March we knew, without a doubt, it was time to move on.

SLC was never really on our radar before. Both of us wanted to move out to Southern California even before we met each other and tentatively kept that as a loose plan. We looked around San Diego and some of the surrounding areas early on, but it didn’t quite put a hook in us to commit. As we came closer and closer to our lease ending, we kept hearing people talk about Utah and how awesome it is. A couple friends and former teammates live in SLC so we decided to visit, play in the snow, and see what all the hype was about. So you can probably figure out the rest of the story as we now live in SLC. However, it wasn’t just a snap of the fingers and now we’re here either. Up until the week before we had to move out we didn’t have a place to live lined up yet. I also recently resigned from my job and Jonathan is a freelance filmmaker so that comes with it’s own host of potential obstacles. So even though we were both ready for a change of scenery, there’s still that voice in the back of your head that questions everything. Is this really the right move? Will we be ok?

Well we’ve only been here 2 weeks, but I can definitely say that it was the right move. Do we have everything figured out yet? No. But then again who really ever does? We have a super cute little place with a view of the mountains from our bedroom window. More vegan and veggie-friendly places than I could’ve ever hoped for, including several completely vegan bakeries! And there is absolutely no excuse not be active here. So far we’ve practiced with a Masters swim team, tackled our first hike (4 hours to a waterfall and then some), went skydiving, and visited a different yoga studio everyday this week. We had a few warmer days and bikers and runners were out en masse. There’s a good speedflying and paragliding scene out here as well that we still need to check out, and the list just goes on and on. I’ll definitely be posting about my adventures and new discoveries I come across, but for now, here are some pics from the journey across the country and our first couple weeks.




  1. Kolla

    That was a delicious move I think – can’t wait to come visit you out Utah way. Yay for a strong masters and yoga scene!!

    • Delicious Ambition

      Thanks Kolla! It’s awesome out here. And you better come visit us soon. Can’t wait to meet gorgeous little Eva! :)