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March Madness

Schools Kill Creativity

March Madness Day 28:

This is one of my favorite TED Talks. However, it doesn’t just stop at schools. So many kids are immersed in technology and devices at such an early age. I don’t have anything against technology, but what happened to just being a kid? Running around outside, racing bikes like you’re a Formula One driver, and pretending you’re exploring a faraway land in your backyard has been traded in for “interactive” games on a tablet.

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Cirque for Charity

March Madness Day 27:

We move to Salt Lake City on Sunday, so I apologize for keeping these last few March Madness posts short and sweet. But I’m sure you would much rather watch Cirque than me anyways (I am a huge Cirque fanatic). One Night ONE DROP is a show that Cirque put together to help raise money so more people can gain access to clean water. This is also the cheapest Cirque show you’ll ever get to see. A simple donation of $5 or more gets you access.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

March Madness Day 26:

Since I’ve come across apple cider vinegar, I just keep finding more and more uses for it. You can drink it for an energy boost and it also helps relieve bloating. Use it as a toner for your skin or conditioner for your hair. It’s a great natural cleaner that works even better than popular cleaners made with harsh chemicals (think of all the toxins you won’t have to inhale anymore). The list goes on and on. I like Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and it can be found in most grocery stores. See how many everyday products you can replace with one simple bottle. It’s natural so you aren’t adding more toxins into your life and it saves you money since you won’t need as many different products. This one does it all, pretty amazing stuff!

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Super Quick and Easy Spring Rolls

March Madness Day 25:

Today’s Meatless Monday recipe is on how to make fresh spring rolls. It’s super quick and easy, which I love, and a great healthy snack or meal. Make 1 to munch on before class, or 20 for a dinner party. All you need is rice/soy paper and your favorite fillings. Finish off with you’re favorite dipping sauce and that’s it! Seems almost too easy right?

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Veggie Wash

Almost all of our produce is covered in pesticides, waxes (to make them shiny and pretty so you’ll buy them), and who knows what else to preserve them so they aren’t a gooey mess by the time they reach the stores. Is it possible to get every bit of toxin, bacteria, preservative off of them? Probably not, but I can damn sure try so I don’t end up ingesting more than I have to…

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Oil Pulling 101

March Madness Day 23:

Oil what? Our mouths are one of the dirtiest parts of our bodies. Bacteria and toxins linger in your mouth causing sickness, bad breath, and travel inside creating even more issues. Oil pulling draws out the bacteria and toxins as they are attracted to and bind to the fat in the oil. It also draws out toxins from the deep recesses between your teeth and gums that can be hard to reach and properly cleaned. Oil pulling can improve many conditions such as allergies, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and migraine headaches. It can also help with PMS symptoms as well as chronic skin problems. There isn’t concrete scientific evidence to support these claims (that would undermine the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry that doesn’t want us to have easy natural remedies), but there are over 3,000 years worth of testimonials from people in India and a growing number from the Western World as this practice gains popularity.

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Just say NO to GMO!

March Madness Day 22:

Genetic engineering is becoming more and more prevalent. The long-term effects of consuming GMO products are still unknown. However, it isn’t looking promising. Just my personal opinion (I think many agree), but when lots of money is involved (especially when it comes to making it) the best interest and well-being of the masses is seldom the priority (if at all). It’s about profit and control, which ultimately leads to power. I won’t get too in depth as everyone needs to come to their own conclusions, but I encourage you to keep an open mind and do your own research. Today’s video is just a very brief highlight of what’s happening to get you started.

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SLC, here we come!

So I have big news, we’re moving to Salt Lake CIty! Both Jon and I have been wanting to head west for awhile now, and we always thought we would head to Cali. However, last month we went to visit some friends in SLC and started to think maybe we could try it out for awhile. So it’s official, in 10 days we start our trek across the country.

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Find a new way of getting high…

March Madness Day 20:

I am as much a sugar junkie as the next person (ok maybe even more, shhhh). However, I am well aware of the consequences and have since made lifestyle adjustments accordingly. The scary thing is how many people are UNAWARE of the dangers and health issues that come with their mindless routine indulgences – soda (yes that includes diet), breads, yogurt, fast food, and pretty much everything that is preserved (comes in a can or a box). It’s not that we can’t have sugar at all, our bodies do need some to function properly. It’s that sugar is in just about everything now.

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The Power Of Choice

March Madness Day 19:
Guest blog post by Jonathan Pears, BackToAwake

Choice has become second nature to most people in the developed world. What to have for dinner, what car to buy, what career path to follow, we are lucky to have choices in what many across the world do not even have access to. We know by now that we are spoiled as a population, and that we have more abundance than ever before in human history. However, this abundance of choice on a daily basis hasn’t made us all gurus of picking the right path, picking the right food, but left us washed up in a world where we take the power of choice for granted….

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