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Live Deliciously!


My Yoga Schedule:

The new Hot Asana Durham studio is now open! You can view my new schedule here. Come check out the beautiful new space and get your sweat on.  See you on the mat!

**Newly added aerials classes Saturdays @ 6pm. No experience necessary, just come ready to play!**

**I will be teaching another FREE community yoga class at Lululemon Durham in the Streets of Southpoint Sunday November 16, 2014. It will be a 90min. Balancing Postures workshop. Some days it’s easier to balance than others. Come learn to put your best foot forward by integrating throughout your entire body, maintaining solid ground, even on the most challenging days. With added stability we will also be able to find more extension and therefore move deeper into postures. Hope to see you there!**


My Skydiving Schedule:

Contact me for private coaching and event organizing availability.



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